• Welcome To Greenland Corporation

    Greenland Corporation, an initiative of the creators of Girivan & Shantivan projects near Pune. Every possible day we run through newspaper checking stock market, share prices, new mutual fund companies or Gold rates. But why do we forget to see one thing, which we always says love the most but often turn a blind eye when it comes to investing. And which is Land. Mother Earth has always come forward in giving us everything in aplenty.

    o It is a universal truth that we all know that Land always appreciates. With this understanding we bought this nouvelle & unique scheme wherein we pledge you to invest in Land & see the long term benefits after some years. All our sites are just less than one or one & half-hourís drive from Pune. A common manís common dream is always to have a land spread far off from the hustle & bustle of city & that dream, we make it possible. The main motto of scheme to our guests is : Buy Land at affordable price & become a member of gated community in future.

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"Sow Today To Reap The Benefits Of Tomorrow !"